Our Mission

. To inspire change for others, celebrating artistic talent with fair trade prices and transparency.


. To help poorer local communities rise out of poverty so that everyone can have access to health care and a better standard of living, without impacting negatively on the world.


. To continue to give ongoing support to the local pottery manufacturing community in Jaipur with a percentage of sales directly funding the pandemic recovery in the area.

. To only use sustainable and eco-friendly materials so we can provide authentic planet conscious products that benefit health & wellbeing.

. To achieve better customer awareness of the causes we support with every online purchase. To help nurture customer loyalty as they can become part of the journey, which in turn will help to sustain my business and differentiate it from my large commercial competitors, ensuring honest growth.







Other Important Causes close to our hearts...

The Neem Tree Trust

To continue to support Kathy Miller in raising funds for a boys home in Tirunelvelli and St.Lukes Leprosy Hospital, Peikulam. Tamil Nadu, India.

The boys home was started with the noble purpose of supporting differently-abled boys and orphans and is now also a shelter.


Our Journey

Wyld Rose Holistics emerged out of our passion for natural essential oils, natural creamy butters and botanical's and the health and well being properties they provide us.

From making our products in our workshop to the manufacturers we choose, we continue to inspire change when creating beautiful products for our customers. Sustainability for the health of everyone and the planet is very important to us.


This combined with a fascination for Traditional Cold-process soap making techniques, our love of Eastern travel, colour, casting, shape, pattern and print our business began...read [..]

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