Looking after your lovely soap....


Unlike mass-produced soap, our soap is a lot kinder, as it only contains natural ingredients. Our natural soaps will last as long as soaps made with synthetics and preservatives if cared for in the right way, they just need to be allowed too breathe. 


Having a soap dish that allows the air to circulate around the soap will help to keep the soap for longer and having your bathroom windows open to let in fresh air will also prevent your soap from sweating out it's natural glycerin to much.


We recommend you also keep your soap away from any wet areas, so avoid leaving your soap lying in water so it doesn't get too soggy.  Allowing your soap to dry between washes is the best way to ensure your soap stays at it's gorgeous best!

Our Journey

Wyld Rose Holistics emerged out of our passion for natural essential oils, natural creamy butters and botanical's and the health and well being properties they provide us.

From making our products in our workshop to the manufacturers we choose, we continue to inspire change when creating beautiful products for our customers. Sustainability for the health of everyone and the planet is very important to us.


This combined with a fascination for Traditional Cold-process soap making techniques, our love of Eastern travel, colour, casting, shape, pattern and print our business began...read [..]

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